My Turkey trip experiences


I enjoy travelling. And I love going on holiday – who doesn’t? It’s a chance to get away from everyday life and just relax.

My last holiday was in Turkey. I went with my mum and we stayed in the centre of Istanbul, right in the heart of the city. My mum’s not a wild girl like me, but she loves our girls’ holidays together. And one thing we both like is shopping!

The markets in Istanbul are so busy and full of life. I can remember the noise of the market, with all the people there, and the smokey smell of kebabs cooking at the food stalls. But I wasn’t there to eat, I was there to buy clothes, of course. And there are so many places to choose from.

We went in February, so this was a winter holiday and I was dressed up for the cold. I was wearing some nice converse sneakers with tight jeans that showed off my gym-worked butt (you know how I love to show it off) along with a shirt that showed a generous amount of cleavage. And I had a black leather jacket and leather gloves on too as it quite cold!

But even with the jacket on, the guys in the stalls used to melt when i put my hand on them. I’d look into their eyes and smile and they’d lower the price to sometimes 80% of the original price. It helped if I leant forward a little and let them get a quick glimpse of my cleavage – it definitely pays to show off my boobs when I’m haggling. I love having that power to influence guys…but then you know this 😉

I felt excited when I was haggling in the market because its the first time I’ve done this. So it was a unique experience for me. It was funny, at one point some Turkish sellers were trying to fool me and were speaking in Turkish. Well, as you may know, I’m Turkish too. So I caught them talking about me because I know Turkish and speak it well. They were so surprised when I spoke back to them. It was very funny to see their faces, especially when I turned and showed them the middle finger as I walked off.

After the market, my mum and I went to a local restaurant. We wanted to drink some cocktails and smoke some shisha, which was another new experience for me. I enjoyed smoking the shisha pipe (you know how I love something between my lips… ) and the strawberry-scented flavour of the tobacco was intoxicating. I coughed a few times, but I got the hang of it quite quickly.

The cocktails were delicious. Pina coladas are one of my favourite drinks, so we had plenty of those to drink. I love the pineapple and that sweet flavour you get, mixed with the ice and alcohol. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day!

We were only in Istanbul for a week. I do love travelling, but I also start to miss my home comforts. There’s nothing I like more than being at home, in my private space, and just relaxing on my own. So I was sad to leave Turkey, but excited to be back home in my own bed (you’ll hear more about my lovely bed in the next blog post…)

Istanbul Hotel View