Welcome to my world!

For those of you who do not know, my name is Bella! I am a professional camgirl! I am a Goddess of sensuality and eroticism. I love to drive you crazy and over the edge. I have been told I have the same power of Ishtar in seducing and flipping the switch to make you feel wild.
I love to please and be pleased. But most of all, I love foot fetish lovers. l love to have my flawless feet pampered and drooled over. I have been told I have the prettiest feet, what do you think?
I also find the imagination that accompanies my cam shows irresistibleā€¦ you will just have to experience for yourself what I am talking about.
Not only am I a foot model, I am also a total gamer and travel junkie. You will notice I will post blogs about my greatest passions and hobbies. I love interacting with you through my blog and hearing your insight on all my most surprising secrets! You will just have to connect with me to find out. Until then, I will be waiting for you and sending you a big kiss!

Yours truly,
Sensual Bella X

Miss Bella SensualBellaX in red and white see through robe - beautiful smile