My first time on cam: confessions of a naughty girl

I was lying in bed last night (you know how I love my bed temple) when a lovely memory came back to me. I suddenly remembered the first time I ever got naughty on cam, a few years ago, and the memory was really fresh in my mind! In fact, it was very hot too, hehe 😉

So I thought I would write it all down and share it with my lovely followers – aren’t I good to you!

This is how it happened…

My first time being a naughty girl

I had got talking to a guy online. It must have been in a chatroom, but I can’t remember which one.  Anyway, we were chatting and having a good time and eventually we swapped Skype details and continued to talk there.

We talked for hours and at the time I had been alone and single for some time. He was making me laugh and I was feeling kinda naughty that day, so the conversation started to get a little flirty. He must have felt the same, as he was flirting too and got me going with his words and the nice way he was treating me – I always prefer a gentleman for this reason .

I can’t remember who suggested it, but we went on cam and started chatting more on a video call, so we could see and hear each other. And I was glad we did because this guy was looking really nice! He was tall and handsome in a dark, mysterious kind of way, and he had a really hot body… did I mention that it was summertime and that he was just wearing boxers? Lucky me!

A gentleman is always sexier

I really liked this guy. First of all, he was very funny and seemed genuine and that made me feel comfortable. He made me laugh a lot, but he didn’t have to say much. And when he stood up, I saw that he was half naked, with a big bulge in those boxers! He knew I was watching and he teased me a bit, running his hand over the bulge and asking me if I wanted to feel it, hehe…which I really did want to! My mind was going wild and I was getting even hornier watching him.

First of all, I was wearing my short satin PJs that night, and I was loving how they rubbed up against my skin as I watched this handsome man playing for me on cam. I was already getting wet without touching myself at all, so I decided to let go and just enjoy the moment…

I lay back on the bed and watched him and let my hands wander a little too… I’m sure you can guess where they went 😉 And when he asked me to unbutton my PJ top it felt like the most natural thing in the world to let him see how hard my nipples had become.

He showed me everything (I really am such a lucky lady) and he wanted to please me. He had a big cock (mmmm!) and was very gifted. I was really pleasantly surprised – he was the entire package: gentlemen with a beautiful body who knew how to make me feel such pleasure 🙂


I was made to be sexy!

We had a very erotic cam session (I won’t tell you everything, as some things are best left to the imagination). But I will tell you that it ended with both of us having a big, beautiful orgasm together….and that felt amazing!!

I felt such a rush of pleasure! It was fantastic. And that’s when I said to myself that I was made to do this. My erotic nature and my teasing skills were amazing when we were on cam, so I knew that being sensual and sexy was the future for me!

And here I am, with my own website and my loyal team of members who love the seductive, sensual things I do for them…it’s my dream come true, hehe x x x