posing in sexy shows

Why I love doing skype shows as a cam girl!

Why skype shows?

If you know even a little about me then you will know that I LOVE doing Skype shows on cam! I just can’t get enough of teasing people and doing sexy shows – it’s so hot!


Skype shows photo


I have been a cam girl for a few years now, and doing these live shows on Skype has given me (and many other people) so much pleasure, I have to admit. And that is the thing that makes the difference with me – I really do enjoy being a beautiful seductive cam girl and making my visitors’ dreams come true in front of their eyes!


Skype Impersonator

Warning about Skype Impersonator  💡

Lately, I been seeing many skype impersonator in skype advertising as me, please be careful who you add to your skype account.
My only skype accounts are Princess_BellaX, SensualBellaX and SensualBellaXXX, always check the skype ID by clicking on the profile photo.

If you want to contact me directly just go to my homepage scroll down and Add me to skype button chat this way you will add me directly and won’t have any problems with this impersonators !



Erotic fantasy

My erotic fantasy

My erotic fantasy: letting my fingers do the talking…

I love to use my imagination. For me, imagination and fantasy are so very important. Sometimes, when I am home alone, I like to climb into my big, soft bed and let my mind wander…

File 24-03-16 18 36 08

I start by taking a lovely hot bath, with lots of bubbles, naturally – I love to lie in the bath and relax. Then, after the bath, I wrap myself in a soft towel and lie back on my bed and start fantasising about my dream man. How he looks changes, but one thing is always the same – he must be a gentleman and treat me with respect and tenderness. This is important for me.

My Smile

My Perfect Smile :)

How I made my smile even more perfect

You may have noticed that my smile is looking even better than usual. Have you? How sweet of you to notice *soft kiss*

Well, I have a secret to tell you…come closer…closer…*whispers* I have had my teeth straightened! Can you tell?

You may ask why I got my teeth straightened. Well, I always wanted to have perfect teeth (who doesn’t, eh?) 🙂 I had been blessed with amazing teeth but there was an issue – one tooth wasn’t straight in the upper part of my teeth, and in the lower part, there were two or three that weren’t straight. So my smile was good…but not good enough for me. I am a perfectionist, as you know.

naughty girl

My first time on cam: confessions of a naughty girl

My first time on cam: confessions of a naughty girl

I was lying in bed last night (you know how I love my bed temple) when a lovely memory came back to me. I suddenly remembered the first time I ever got naughty on cam, a few years ago, and the memory was really fresh in my mind! In fact, it was very hot too, hehe 😉

So I thought I would write it all down and share it with my lovely followers – aren’t I good to you!

This is how it happened…

New Look

New look

New look

As you all already know I love changing my hair and looks once in a while so I decided to go for a new look.

What do you think about it ?I hope you love it as much as I do !

If you do, you don’t have to do anything else except book a skype cam show with me by clicking on My Shows !

See you soon !  😉 😉 😉

Bella x x x

Skype Shows Free Cam Live

Want to come and play dress-up with Bella?

Come and play dress-up with me 😉


I love trying on new clothes. And tomorrow you can watch me on my webcam, squeezing my tight, round ass and full, curvy boobs into four sexy little dresses…and believe me, they’re sexy!

My Platinum Members all get automatically invited to my new weekly live video chats. Every Wednesday at 9pm we have an intimate night that’s just for my biggest fans.

Hot and tasty….just like me

Hot and tasty….just like me 😉


Some girls like chocolate…some like desserts…but I just can’t get enough of Nando’s!

I really love my local Nando’s. First of all, I like the friendly people that work there. They’re always smiling and they’re super friendly always. You can imagine that everyone knows me at my favorite restaurants – when they see me it’s like the sun is shining in the restaurant: Bella the ray of sunshine, haha.

I am their regular customer and they know I’ll be back again soon with my friends to spend lots more money.

horror games

My love for horror games and movies :)

Gaming, horror games, and thrill of being scared

 I’ve always enjoying playing video games. I did enjoy playing them when I was a little kid but we never had any video games in our house, so I used to play at friends’ houses when I could (which wasn’t that often).

Then, recently, about a year ago, I got a PS4 games console to make up for the games that I didn’t play as a child – a little treat for the grown-up Bella, haha. And then it turned out that I loved gaming!

Why I love the gym


The Secret of my Fitness


You know the saying ‘No pain, no gain’? It’s certainly true for staying fit and keeping in shape for my members! I am a keen gym bunny, you know. And I love how I feel after a good workout!

I started going to the gym 2 years ago. Before that I used to do Zumba at home – it was nice but not exactly what I wanted. So I took a chance on going to the gym to get myself in shape and looking how I wanted. And now I am a true gym lover 😉

See me experimenting with make-up

Playing around with make-up

See me experimenting with make-up

If you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen my special make-up pics (and if you DON’T follow me, you should do it now, hehe).

I always had a soft side for make-up, even from when I was young. I always wanted to join a Halloween party – I was fascinated by going to a party like this and having make-up on and looking nice. And having fun with everyone else that was doing the same.

But I never got to do it when I was younger. Then 2 or 3 years ago on Halloween I decided to do the proper Halloween make-up at home and painted a cool skull onto my face. It was for fun and because I was curious how I would look. And I got an amazing result! It was like a cool mask I could put on – almost a way to escape ‘Normal Bella’ and join in the fun.

Hot in the tub with Bella

Check out my Hot tub gallery

Sometimes I just feel like pampering myself. And lying back in a hot, steamy bathtub is my idea of heaven. I like plenty of bubbles and some relaxing music to get me into the mood…and then I can my imagination run wild…and my fingers too. Come and join me; the water is lovely!

My crazy time at the music festival

Time of a lifetime at Cluj Napoca


I just go back from a wonderful time back in Romania. I was there for a few days to go to a music festival in Cluj Napoca in the north west of the country.

It was called Untold Festival and it was a festival with many different types of music. It took place in a big park and the main stage was on the Cluj arena (football field), so you can imagine what a big space it was. There were over 200,000 people there when the best DJs were performing!

It was crazy!! And I really did have the best time of my life…let me tell you about it.

My first time with a sexy girl

My experience with a girl

My first time with a sexy girl

I always want to share my most exciting and intimate moments with you here on my blog. So today I want to tell you about a wonderful thing I experienced a few years ago – my first time with a girl 😉
Yes, that’s right. Your sexy Bella with another sexy girl!  I know you guys always like that, so here is how it happened.

At the time, I was working as a masseuse. We girls used to hang out later in the evening as the owner was our good friend. We worked very hard in that place, so at the end of the night we would relax with a glass of wine together.

One night we were hanging out with the girls, just drinking red wine and having a good time. It was a cool way to relax and chat together, but eventually I was alone in the room with one of the girls.f

Feedback about the website

Tell me your thoughts…

Please share your feedback at my website


Time really does fly in Bellaworld! It’s already two whole weeks since I launched my new website! It was a lot of hard work to get the site ready, so I was thrilled to see the site going live. And I was also very happy to bring my little piece of the internet to you, my fans and members.

adopted kittens and lots of love

The day I became a cat mommy

Kittens in my life

I like to go home when I can. It’s always so great to see my family, so I made the trip back there recently to relax and spend some quality time with them.

But while I was there, I had a very strange experience – I became a cat mommy! Have I gone crazy? No, I mean that I became the mom to two adorable little kittens. Let me tell you how it happened…

My bed Erotic post

My bed is my temple

What I like to do in Bed

I like my home comforts. And of all those home comforts, the one I like best is my own bed.

My bed is my temple. It’s my own private space and I love being home and worshipping in that temple to comfort. It’s a double bed and it’s so big (remember I’m only small, even if I am perfectly formed). And it’s super cosy when I fall into bed after a long day working.

There are soft bedding and three fluffy pillows. And the whole bed smells so good…well, of course, it does, it smells of me 😉 I’m sure you can imagine how good I smell once I have showered and applied my body lotion.

Istanbul Holiday

A fun holiday in Turkey

My Turkey trip experiences


I enjoy travelling. And I love going on holiday – who doesn’t? It’s a chance to get away from everyday life and just relax.

My last holiday was in Turkey. I went with my mum and we stayed in the centre of Istanbul, right in the heart of the city. My mum’s not a wild girl like me, but she loves our girls’ holidays together. And one thing we both like is shopping!

My first blog post ever

My first blog post

My first blog post

Hi, everyone! I am Sensual Bella and I am happy to welcome you to my new official website and my first blog entry ever! I was so excited waiting for this to become reality and now that it has I just can’t calm down and find the right words to describe how I feel. I am so happy! It feels so good having a whole website dedicated just to you and your thoughts. It is like an online diary that I share with all of you, I hope you will like and enjoy it.

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