My erotic fantasy: letting my fingers do the talking…

I love to use my imagination. For me, imagination and fantasy are so very important. Sometimes, when I am home alone, I like to climb into my big, soft bed and let my mind wander…

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I start by taking a lovely hot bath, with lots of bubbles, naturally – I love to lie in the bath and relax. Then, after the bath, I wrap myself in a soft towel and lie back on my bed and start fantasising about my dream man. How he looks changes, but one thing is always the same – he must be a gentleman and treat me with respect and tenderness. This is important for me.

As I close my eyes I can feel his fingers caressing me and I can see him touching me and making love to me. He is kissing my neck and getting intimate…and it feels so good!

It’s a beautiful sensation. Soft, sensual kisses on my neck, and his hand caressing my legs and moving slowly up my thighs as we kiss. I love the intimacy of this kiss in my imagination. In my mind, I am willing him to unfasten my towel and kiss down over my naked breasts. Maybe he would place a soft kiss on each of my, sensitive nipples too…if I whisper in his ear, he may do it!

Teasing with my fingers

I do love to touch with my fingers. I very much enjoy touching my nipples when I feel aroused like this. It makes me feel excited 🙂 And naughty!


But I’m not always in the mood to play with them – sometimes they are too sensitive and it turns me off playing with my nipples. It depends on my mood, I guess. Sometimes too much touching when your nipples are sensitive can feel overpowering. I have to choose the right time.

Imagining him in front of me

As I touch, my mind loses itself in the fantasy. I imagine this lucky gentleman is stood in front of you…naked and aroused. I could reach out and touch him if I wanted to…and I really do want to 😉 Most of all, I want to touch his beautiful ass – I want to grab it and feel his ass in my hands

This dream guy is such a hot man. And his ass looks so good. It’s tight and warm and perfect for squeezing. I would put my hands on his butt and dig my manicured fingernails into it. Then pull him in a little closer and scratch it with my sharp nails!

Mmmm, yeah! I love to think of my pretty red nails scratching his toned ass and leaving red marks there. I would really dig my nails in hard…hard enough to make him moan.

Such amazing pleasure

And all the time I am imagining this fantasy, my fingers will be busy, of course…I will let you imagine the details…but let’s just say that it feels VERY good 😉


As I get closer, I scratch my red nails all the way down his back, really hard. And I hear myself screaming his name out loud…I’m sure you can guess why.

It feels SOOOOOO good, you have no idea!! So sexy and hot! I love having these moments with my mind, my dream guy, and my delicate fingers. They really do a fantastic job – and they know exactly how to make Bella feel fresh, alive and full of life.

I hope my little story has done the same for you…you know how I love to bring pleasure if you would like to read another erotic blog story of mine click here.