Gaming, horror games, and thrill of being scared

 I’ve always enjoying playing video games. I did enjoy playing them when I was a little kid but we never had any video games in our house, so I used to play at friends’ houses when I could (which wasn’t that often).

Then, recently, about a year ago, I got a PS4 games console to make up for the games that I didn’t play as a child – a little treat for the grown-up Bella, haha. And then it turned out that I loved gaming!

My new gaming addiction

Gaming has become my new addiction. I have always loved horror movies and I found some amazing horror titles on the PS4 store. So I bought them all…and *finished* them all too!! (Don’t let anyone tell you girls can’t play…we’re good!)

My favorite was Until Dawn which is really scary. That is partly what I love – being scared and the thrill of it. But I also find games so relaxing too. They help me lots and let me relax and take my mind off things. It’s my way to escape into another world and forget the stress of reality.

I prefer horror or adventure games, usually. They are mostly single player games – so you can’t play them online or multiplayer. And I like that a lot. I get to follow the story on my own and experience it as I play. In fact, sometimes I feel like I am there, in the game, it’s so real! The technology and the graphics are incredible!

The thrill of being scared

I don’t just play horror games. I like watching horror on the TV too, in particular, the American Horror Story series. It’s really good and I like evil clowns, for some reason, haha. When I was little, I used to be scared of clowns. But after watching this series, I started liking them…I love them, I think. It must be this love of being scared!

Maybe I’m an adrenalin junkie….I like the rush and the adrenalin you feel when you’re really terrified. I felt the same thing when I did zip lining or riding a horse for the first time – both very scary at first and with an element of danger. And the same when I go to an amusement park on go on the roller coaster…you should hear me scream 😉

I’m a risk-taker, I guess. I like to live life on the edge and feel that sense of danger. I want to fly, jump out of a plane with a parachute and do all those daredevil things! I live for the thrill…and horror games and movies really give me that same buzz. They make my heart beat faster in my chest…and that makes me feel so alive!