Hot and tasty….just like me 😉


Some girls like chocolate…some like desserts…but I just can’t get enough of Nando’s!

I really love my local Nando’s. First of all, I like the friendly people that work there. They’re always smiling and they’re super friendly always. You can imagine that everyone knows me at my favorite restaurants – when they see me it’s like the sun is shining in the restaurant: Bella the ray of sunshine, haha.

I am their regular customer and they know I’ll be back again soon with my friends to spend lots more money.

I love Nando’s food


I like all kinds of delicious food, but at Nando’s I love like 80% of the menu. I like how tasty the food is there. I’m not crazy about spicy food in general, but the food there makes me forget about that and just makes me happy. I always go for the medium spice and that’s just perfect for me.

I noticed people don’t really order avocado there, which is strange. Every time I ask for some raw avocado too, they look at me and yell at one another ‘Do we have avocados?’. At least I am keeping their avocado supplier in business, haha,

But I like so many of the dishes; spicy rice, peri peri chips, macho peas and the spicy mixed olives too. I love all of them, mmmmm. Stop me if I’m making you too hungry, hehe.

And I always have Coke with my meal too – it has to be the regular coke, not the diet stuff. I am so bad! It’s not as unhealthy as it might sound – I can’t drink a whole glass of Coke, it’s just too much for me, so I don’t use the endless refills.



Sometimes I feel like Chinese


I don’t always eat at Nando’s. There are times when I want some yummy Chinese food too. I really like stir-fry.

Stir-fry shrimp and vegetables is my favourite. And salmon too. I can use the chopsticks, which can be fun and makes me feel like this is authentic Chinese food. I’m pretty good too!


All food in moderation


I like to be cheeky and eat food but I also try my best not to abuse it.

I believe a few naughty things can be ok. If I go to the gym and I eat healthy food all week, I like to treat myself with a visit to Nando’s for my tasty chicken.

So I guess Nando’s and me are quite similar: we are both very tasty…we are both kinda spicy…and we both make you come back for more again and again, hehe 😛