What I like to do in Bed

I like my home comforts. And of all those home comforts, the one I like best is my own bed.

My bed is my temple. It’s my own private space and I love being home and worshipping in that temple to comfort. It’s a double bed and it’s so big (remember I’m only small, even if I am perfectly formed). And it’s super cosy when I fall into bed after a long day working.

There are soft bedding and three fluffy pillows. And the whole bed smells so good…well, of course, it does, it smells of me 😉 I’m sure you can imagine how good I smell once I have showered and applied my body lotion.

One thing I don’t have is any teddies or soft toys. I don’t believe in them. I had a teddy when I was a kid, but I’m a grown-up woman now, so I
don’t need these soft toys to share my bed. But I do very much love those fluffy pillows….maybe a little too much.

Sometimes, when I’m alone in my cosy bed, I put a pillow between my legs. It feels so good… too good sometimes, hehe. I love the thrill from the pillow being there between my thighs and gripping it tightly as I lie there.

Can you keep a secret? When I feel the pillow there, I get horny – it really turns me on. I can sense the pillow there, between my legs, pushing up against me. Then I feel that I am getting wet, which is such a thrill. It’s very hard to put this feeling into words, but when I feel it I know that my imagination is going to start working hard.


What do I wear in bed?

I sleep in pyjamas – my comfortable PJs. And, yes, before you ask, I do wear panties underneath too. I like to feel really cosy in my PJs, especially when I have my favourite pillow between my thighs.

So, what do I do when I feel that soft pillow there and begin to feel horny? Sometimes, I push myself up against the corner of the pillow a little more and just lie there, enjoying the sensation.

But sometimes I need more than this – sometimes I get tempted to touch too. I slide one hand slowly inside my PJ bottoms and let my fingers tease a little, rubbing the front of my panties. It’s so sexy to feel my fingers there. And, eventually, I let my fingers slip inside my panties too, to feel the heat between my legs and caress my fingertips around my clit. That is an amazing feeling – I wish I could explain more about how it feels. Let me try.

At first, I feel my muscles contracting as my fingers continue to tease. Then I feel a tingling running through my whole body. A tingle of excitement. I feel my toes curling with pleasure as I tense and then I close my eyes and disappear into my dream world. This is when it gets really exciting…

I imagine a strong man grabbing me. He’s there in the bedroom with me and he’s got a gleam of desire in his eyes. He lies me down on the bed and pulls my PJs and panties off me. Before I know it, he’s there between my thighs. I grip him tightly, just like I’m gripping the pillow as I imagine all this, and he fucks me with real passion.

Such passion and pleasure

It’s wild and we’re fucking hard and deep in my mind…and my fingers are still rubbing like crazy, of course, making me arch my back as I think of him. He’s hot and hard inside me and I’m begging him to fuck me slowly so I can feel him going deeper and touching me where it makes me want to scream. It needs to be very intense to make me shout out. Usually, I don’t get too vocal. But in my mind, this is super intense and I feel myself letting out a loud moan.

I want to feel every centimetre of him as he pushes so deep. I think about reaching down and feeling his balls in my hand. And how I’d caress them as he pounded me harder. But mostly I’m just thinking about how his cock would fill me and touch me inside. And you can bet that my fingers are working very fast now, rubbing my clit as I close my eyes tightly and feel my whole body tighten. I know it’s close and I moan out loud now, gripping that lucky pillow between my thighs like a vice.

That’s when the orgasm hits me. It starts as a tingling between my legs and then suddenly I cum. It’s so intense! My whole body is full of this electric sensation of pleasure. It washes over me like a wave and leaves me drenched on the shore as the wave subsides.

And that’s why my bed is my temple. It’s a place to let myself go and really escape into a dream world. In dreams, anything is possible. But me and my lucky pillow certainly have some secrets we could tell you…


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