Time of a lifetime at Cluj Napoca


I just go back from a wonderful time back in Romania. I was there for a few days to go to a music festival in Cluj Napoca in the north west of the country.

It was called Untold Festival and it was a festival with many different types of music. It took place in a big park and the main stage was on the Cluj arena (football field), so you can imagine what a big space it was. There were over 200,000 people there when the best DJs were performing!

It was crazy!! And I really did have the best time of my life…let me tell you about it.

A fun train to travel on

We had travelled to Cluj from Bucharest. We went by rail and the entire train was full of people heading to the Untold Festival. They had 18 train carriages and they were all completely full. Everyone was drinking, smoking and singing. They were getting into the mood to party so it was one noisy train!

The train should have taken 8 or 9 hours to reach Cluj, but there was a delay of 3 to 4 hours for some reason. No-one seemed to care, we just carried on drinking and singing. And soon enough we were in Cluj and ready to party! That’s when the fun started.


Bella the dancing queen

I love dance music, so it was incredible to see so many of my DJ heros playing in this big football stadium in Cluj. There was Armin Van Buuren, AVICII, David Guetta, Fedde Le Grand and ATB. And so many more. I am a big fan of Armin, so it was a dream come true to see him play – I danced my ass off to him, I can tell you!

I was there with a group of good friends and we had VIP tickets, so it was a cool experience. I could get cocktails and whisky etc. when the rest could only have beer, and we had a private balcony with a private toilet. We felt very special.

I made so many new friends from all over the world too. It was so amazing. Everyone was like family and the atmosphere was super friendly. Everyone was smiling and laughing and having the best time. It was like lots of different tribes all came together to dance and have fun.


Walking home in the cool of the night

I danced for hours each night, but my body didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the only thing that hurt was my feet from all the walking after the show.

After the show, you couldn’t find any taxis. There were 200,000 people all spreading around, in taxis, on foot and in cars. It was crazy! But we were lucky, we had a big apartment in the city centre. So it was a really nice location and only 5 minutes to walk home. In the night it is a pleasure to walk – fresh air is cool and makes you feel so alive. We were lucky with the weather too. We didn’t have hot weather during the festival – in Cluj it was quite cool – but after the festival the weather went to 35 degrees! Imagine if there had been 200,000 people in 35 degree heat in that stadium. We would all have melted, haha.

I met lots of nice guys, of course. I seem to be a magnet for guys. They were trying to flirt with me and get to know me, but I was there to party not to get laid. And my friends were counting on me as I am the soul of the party, haha. So I wasn’t too interested in these men (even if some of them were cute, hehe).


The discovery of a new hobby

After the festival we visit the rest of the city and also went to Brasov, which is in the mountains. I had another wonderful experience there – I learned to how to shoot a weapon there! Don’t worry, your sweet Bella hasn’t turned into a psycho killer, but I really did love it.

It was so nice to fire the airsoft guns. I am thinking now of going to shoot with real guns too. It was a true discovery of a new hobby. I loved it so much that I stayed there for half a day, just shooting, haha. Maybe I was a soldier in a previous life, who knows.


I’m ready for next year

I am already thinking of buying tickets for the Untold Festival next year. This was the first year that it took place, but I think I loved it so much that I will go again. Next year should be even better. The food and the organisation was amazing. In fact everything was crazy good. We loved it so much!

I’m going to put on some Armin tunes now and have a dance around my bedroom…knock on the door loudly if you call by, haha.


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