My first time with a sexy girl

I always want to share my most exciting and intimate moments with you here on my blog. So today I want to tell you about a wonderful thing I experienced a few years ago – my first time with a girl 😉
Yes, that’s right. Your sexy Bella with another sexy girl!  I know you guys always like that, so here is how it happened.

At the time, I was working as a masseuse. We girls used to hang out later in the evening as the owner was our good friend. We worked very hard in that place, so at the end of the night we would relax with a glass of wine together.

One night we were hanging out with the girls, just drinking red wine and having a good time. It was a cool way to relax and chat together, but eventually I was alone in the room with one of the girls.f

My night with Diana

Diana was her name. She was one of the most popular girls there, and when I describe her you will understand why. She was one perfect girl! A size 6 with 36C breasts, a nice round ass, blond hair and big, brown eyes in her pretty face.

I’d known Diana for a while and we’d drunk wine together many times. But tonight it was different. We used to give each other massages at the end of the day, to help us relax and unwind. It helped us get over the daily stress.

She was in a bikini and lying down on a big, soft bed that was in the room. It was a bright pink bikini with a cute, little thong that showed off her hot, rounded ass – and believe me it looked good!

I started to massage her slowly. I was giving the same massage I did for customers every day, slowly caressing my hands down her body and helping her lose all that stress. But when I got to her butt, a little devil took over me. I slid my hand down between those beautiful ass cheeks and I slipped my finger inside her asshole. I did it as a joke, you understand. It was something silly to make her laugh.

When she felt my finger there, she didn’t react at first but I could tell she liked it. I pulled my finger out and continued with the massage just as normal, but as I caressed her I said ‘You know, I never tried it with a girl…’. I left that confession hanging in the air, but she turned her head and said that she hasn’t tried it either with a girl.

That was all the encouragement I needed. After I heard her say this I took her pink thong bikini off and turned her around. Then I started kissing her on her lips and running my hands down her back. I’d never kissed a girl this way before, but it felt good! Her lips were warm and I could taste the red wine as we fell back onto the soft bed.

She confessed that she was into me anyways. She always felt something more for me, but couldn’t explain it to herself. She told me that she loved my strong character and that I am protective and know what I want. So when I asked her if she wanted to try it with a girl, she agreed in a second!

A new experience for me

For me, I was very curious how it would be with a girl. I wanted to see how it is and have a new experience. And I thought she was very beautiful and sexy too, so it was a perfect time to try it.

We were both drunk from the wine, but she was more drunk than me, I think. I was just wearing my panties for the massage, so I was in my little white briefs. Diana took my panties off very quickly. She looked in my eyes, gripped the panties and slid them down my hips and thighs. It felt very thrilling and I could tell my heart was beating a little faster now.

I took the lead and started kissing her breasts. They felt so smooth under my lips and I could feel her nipples getting hard when I covered them in my kisses. Then I started touching her inner thighs, stroking my hand up and down her legs and getting higher each time. I went between her legs and started massaging her clit which made her gasp when she felt my finger there. She was jumping and moving with excitement on the bed and feeling so horny from my touches.

The reception was very near this room. There was just a closed door between us, so we didn’t want to make any big noises because the other girls would hear us. She gave some gentle moans as I massaged her clit nice and slow. I’d never touched another girl this way, you understand. This was all so new for me. Her clit felt like mine – soft and very sensitive. It was the same but different…familiar to me but also thrilling.

As I rubbed her she was was touching me, caressing me, feeling my hair and my soft skin. I was very horny now, of course. I wanted to use my tongue too, to see how it felt. So I pushed her back and kneeled down on the floor between her thighs. Her pussy looked so tempting, so I put my hands on her thighs and spread her legs wide then put my hot tongue on her. Oh, she went wild then! She loved the feeling of my hot tongue on her clit and it was a big thrill for me too. I could taste how wet she was and I did little movements of my tongue on her clit to make her cum.

Bad timing

That was when we heard a knock on the door. It was our friend, the owner, asking if we were ok. Such bad timing, this man! We laughed and giggled, of course and shouted out that we were fine, but not wearing enough clothes for him to enter.

But the moment was gone then. We were too busy laughing to do any more and just lay there on the bed for a few minutes, feeling drunk from the wine and happy from our shared experience. We never did this again, Diana and me. It was a one-off experience between us.

But, who knows, if I meet the right girl then maybe I will try it with a girl again. Sometimes I still have fantasies about being with a girl and being the one who gets to feel that tongue between her legs…maybe one day it will happen, eh!