How I made my smile even more perfect

You may have noticed that my smile is looking even better than usual. Have you? How sweet of you to notice *soft kiss*

Well, I have a secret to tell you…come closer…closer…*whispers* I have had my teeth straightened! Can you tell?

You may ask why I got my teeth straightened. Well, I always wanted to have perfect teeth (who doesn’t, eh?) 🙂 I had been blessed with amazing teeth but there was an issue – one tooth wasn’t straight in the upper part of my teeth, and in the lower part, there were two or three that weren’t straight. So my smile was good…but not good enough for me. I am a perfectionist, as you know.

Beautiful straight teeth

So, I made my mind up to get my teeth straightened. Most people told me not to do it, but it did bother me…so I had to do it 🙂 I always encourage people to do what they need to do for their own self-esteem and happiness. I think it’s extremely important to feel good inside your own skin. That is the secret to a happy life, in my opinion.

So, what happens when you straighten your teeth? Let me tell you.

The first time I had to apply a brace for the upper part and then when the upper part got closer to getting straight I could apply for the lower part too. It was a pain in the butt for the lower part because it wouldn’t get straight properly. The dentist told me about removing both the lower wisdom teeth but I was hoping it wasn’t necessary. After waiting for one or two months, the teeth in my lower jaw still weren’t getting straight. So I had to move to surgery and have an extraction for both of them. I took this step because I knew it would get the best result.

So, right now I am still in the process of getting them straightened and moving towards 100% perfection.


A real confidence boost

I’m very pleased with how my teeth look right now. My new smile is giving me more confidence and I feel great. I am always smiling and showing off how straight my teeth look now. And when the process is finished I know they will look exactly how I have dreamed they will.

So, if you see me smiling now you know why. It’s to show you how wonderful my teeth look…and to make your heart skip a beat too, of course 😉

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