See me experimenting with make-up

If you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen my special make-up pics (and if you DON’T follow me, you should do it now, hehe).

I always had a soft side for make-up, even from when I was young. I always wanted to join a Halloween party – I was fascinated by going to a party like this and having make-up on and looking nice. And having fun with everyone else that was doing the same.

But I never got to do it when I was younger. Then 2 or 3 years ago on Halloween I decided to do the proper Halloween make-up at home and painted a cool skull onto my face. It was for fun and because I was curious how I would look. And I got an amazing result! It was like a cool mask I could put on – almost a way to escape ‘Normal Bella’ and join in the fun.

I can lose myself in art

So, I tried face painting…and then I loved it! And I did it again and again. It’s a huge passion for me now and something that I love doing and can take my time with. I really lose myself in it because it is such a creative process.

I’ve been good at art and drawing since I was little. I impressed everybody at school and at home, so I have always had this soft side for drawing. I love concentrating on the detail and seeing the finished design. It’s a great feeling!

A love of horror and the dark side of life

Halloween is such a fun time, I think. I like that dark side. I love horror movies, horror stories and horror games on my Sony PS4 (yes, I’m a gamer too!).

In fact, there is a new game coming out soon which I am very excited about – it is called Until Dawn and it is adventure horror survival game. Just the kind of game I enjoy, so I cannot wait to get it and start playing.




I love the dark side of comics too. The Joker and Harley Quinn are two of my favorites. You can see from the pic that I tried making myself up as the sexy Harley Quinn. It looked very cool and I loved drawing the mask and the lips onto my face.

More experiments with make-up

You will see lots more horror make-up from me soon. I’m hoping to get some more pro make-up soon (if anyone wants to buy me some, that would be very sweet – it’s on my Amazon wishlist).

First of all, I do want to go even more into the special effects make-up – making 3D scars and open wounds etc. and building up my face. I just need to get the real pro stuff to do it, like the mix of ‘scary and sexy’ I can achieve with the make-up.

I can create a real horror look, but still be sexy Bella at the same time.

So, look out for more ‘Horror Bella’ soon. It’s only 2 months until Halloween and I will be planning something special this year…you will have to wait and see what it is 😉