Why skype shows?

If you know even a little about me then you will know that I LOVE doing Skype shows on cam! I just can’t get enough of teasing people and doing sexy shows – it’s so hot!


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I have been a cam girl for a few years now, and doing these live shows on Skype has given me (and many other people) so much pleasure, I have to admit. And that is the thing that makes the difference with me – I really do enjoy being a beautiful seductive cam girl and making my visitors’ dreams come true in front of their eyes!

What attracted me to being a cam girl?


The first thing that attracted me to doing cam shows was that I could just do what I like, and that’s working with men, seducing them and making their fantasies come true.

I felt totally safe doing webcam shows too since it all happens online, and that meant I enjoyed it a lot more. And as a cam girl (and business woman), it gave me space to improve myself and invest some  time and money in developing myself. It’s been a great adventure so far!


The power I have over men (and some women, hehe)


I enjoy the ability to seduce men and to have that power over them. It is a real buzz for me.


sexy shows with bella


I feel connected with the men that I cam with. That’s why I never take more than 10-15 minutes shows with new clients because you never know if we will manage to have the right connection. Many are rude and abusive, and that is a BIG turn-off for me – if you want to be rude then I am not the girl for you. I like a gentleman who has passion and knows what he wants.


So it’s always better to take it easy and see if we have a connection and, if all goes well, there is always space for longer shows and an  improvement in our connection. I am opened minded to many things (if you have had a show with me, you will know this, hehe) but only if this connection exists and I can be myself with you.


A real connection between us


That close mental connection is so very important. When I cam with you, we must think along the same lines and find the same things erotic and sexy.

With me, what you get is always 100% real! I don’t like to fake it and struggle with my emotions. You know when you do something you don’t like…it feels wrong and you highly dislike it. If I did that I would end up quitting or hating doing sexy cam skype shows.

So I never fake things – if I like your idea then I will try it. And if you see me smile then I am really enjoying myself, hehe.

There is no point in doing something if you don’t like it. It’s about my satisfaction as well, not only the client’s satisfaction. I like to feel pleasure too, of course – and with the right person, it feels amazing, believe me! But it has to be real. Your emotions must be genuine or it feels fake and forced.


The kind of person I love to cam with


So, what turns me on most in a good cam show?

I like someone who has humour (laughing is great!) and who is polite and interesting. Overall they must have the qualities of a person that wants to enjoy himself and help ME to enjoy myself too – so no rudeness, no selfishness and a great ability to please a woman 😉

The connection is the most important thing to have, of course,  otherwise, I cannot feel good. And if I don’t feel good, be sure that the client will know it too, haha. They know when the vibe just is not there – you feel it so there’s no point doing more.


The benefits of being a cam girl

Being a camgirl has its own benefit too. I get to experiment with different hairstyles and hair colours (my hair changes a LOT, as my regular members will know already).

And I can try out new make-up styles too. I like to look my best on cam, so I go to the gym and I keep myself looking so good for you. Plus I really enjoy searching for new sexy outfits to wear. It might be a new latex dress, or a sexy new corset – just something to make me feel glamorous and desirable to you.


Come and try a skype show

Cam skype shows really do drive me wild and I like it especially when it is cam2cam – it’s nice to see your face, make our connection and develop from there to have a really hot session.

So come and see why my shows bring so much pleasure. I will be waiting for you, honey x x x


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