Kittens in my life

I like to go home when I can. It’s always so great to see my family, so I made the trip back there recently to relax and spend some quality time with them.

But while I was there, I had a very strange experience – I became a cat mommy! Have I gone crazy? No, I mean that I became the mom to two adorable little kittens. Let me tell you how it happened…

I was passing by the garbage bins and I heard this noise. A tiny little sound of a kitten, coming from in the bins. A guy that was working on a house nearby said he had seen an old lady throwing two kittens out. He had asked her not to do it, but she said she didn’t care and threw the poor things in with the garbage anyway!

It broke my heart when I saw them all alone there sitting in the bin. So small and scared. They looked up at me with their cute grey eyes and I knew I had to save them. So I took them home and this is how my journey of becoming a mom has started.


My new babies

The kittens are around 1-2 weeks old, with their eyes still mostly closed. They have around 100-150g and they have the sweetest grey fur. They looked so hungry and scared when I got them back to my family’s house. And they were full of fleas too – when I looked under their fur it looked like London’s traffic there were so many!

But you can see in the photo that I cleaned them up very well. It was hard to solve the flea problem, but I bought some stuff online and it worked in one night. I had to feed them every 2-3 hours, so I know that being a mom is very tiring work now. I found some proper kitten milk too so they get the right vitamins and minerals. My babies will grow up to be big and strong, I think.

So I guess it was those kittens lucky day when I arrived – Bella their guardian angel.


A country girl

I always loved animals and had pets as a kid. I did move around a lot when I was young, so it was difficult to have a personal pet. But one beauty of moving around was that I lived in the countryside a lot too. That made me very close to nature and animals. There were always cows, sheep and chickens around so I am very used to the presence of animals in my life. Maybe that is why I am so affected by cruelty or unkindness to animals – it truly breaks my heart to see it.

It would be so good to have my own pet back in the UK. I want one, of course, but I travel a lot and it’s just too hard. It’s a lot of responsibility for someone like me – if you travel then a pet is a real problem. I don’t want to make a pet’s life hard because I am selfish. My flat is no place to keep an animal, but my family’s place is cool because they have a house.

My dog back home is a much better mom than me, too. When I showed my dog the kittens her mom instinct kicked in instantly and was loving them so much. I was worried, because she usually hates cats, but she was a big softy with them. It was so cute to see.

I guess once a mom, always a mom. And that means I am a cat mommy forever now, haha.