Please share your feedback at my website


Time really does fly in Bellaworld! It’s already two whole weeks since I launched my new website! It was a lot of hard work to get the site ready, so I was thrilled to see the site going live. And I was also very happy to bring my little piece of the internet to you, my fans and members.

I think it is very important to listen to people. I really value your opinion of my website. So I’m writing this blog to ask your opinion of the site so far – and to ask for your ideas on how I can improve the site too.


I’d love to hear your feedback

I really want to hear all your feedback, comments and new ideas.

  • Do you like my photos and videos?
  • Do you have a favourite photoset or do you have any ideas for new photoshoots?
  • Should I make more videos? And what would you like to see in the videos?
  • Are you enjoying reading my blog posts?
  • Would you like to hear more about my everyday life (like my last post about the cute kittens)?
  • Or would you like to read more cheeky stories and hear more about your naughty little Bella’s secret fantasies?

Is there something completely new you would like me to put on the site? I am open to all your ideas, but please be positive and constructive – I like it when people are polite and respectful. Politeness costs nothing, after all.

Let me make your dreams come true!

So, my little angels, please tell me your thoughts. And if you do have a great idea for a new video, photoset or blog post, leave me a comment here…if you are very lucky then I may make your dreams come true! Hehe

I’m very excited to read all your comments. And ready to make your fantasies come to life!