The Secret of my Fitness


You know the saying ‘No pain, no gain’? It’s certainly true for staying fit and keeping in shape for my members! I am a keen gym bunny, you know. And I love how I feel after a good workout!

I started going to the gym 2 years ago. Before that I used to do Zumba at home – it was nice but not exactly what I wanted. So I took a chance on going to the gym to get myself in shape and looking how I wanted. And now I am a true gym lover 😉


Be motivated and inspired

After a while, I started to learn all the devices in the gym and the workouts that worked for me. I was very ambitious and I documented myself and wanted to learn everything by myself and not hire anyone to help me (I’m a single-minded lady and I like a challenge). So I took the time out and read all the forums and watched all the YouTube instruction videos to teach myself the right techniques.

I became a big fan of the girls who are fitness experts – they’re an inspiration even now. These girls are extremely motivating for me – it’s the biggest inspiration for me, to see how they achieve the right results. Michelle Lewin in particular. She’s the best of all. She gives me the motivation and the power and it helps me a lot. I don’t want to look exactly like her as we have different bodies, but she is inspirational for me.


Eat yourself fit

Now, in the present, I am focusing on leg, ab and butt workouts and doing lots of hard work to get those areas looking great. But, as you all know, going to the gym is only part of getting fit. You need to keep a healthy diet too, even when you’re not at the gym. It’s a continuous fight with your brain that is screaming for fast food and junk food (my brain can scream VERY loud sometimes, hehe).

To get results, I’ve taken all kinds of stuff – protein powder and amino acids etc. But the most important thing is the food, not the supplements. You have to eat healthy, avoid the junk and get the right protein, vitamins and minerals to be healthy. That is so important.

So, I try to eat healthy and stick to my correct diet. I go to the gym 5 days a week now, with Saturday as a recovery day and Sunday as my ‘cheat meal day’ when I can eat whatever I want (we all need to sin sometimes don’t we! I know I do, hehe). On Sundays I am allowed to go and have a pizza or visit Nandos for some treats or whatever I’m craving that day.

If the diet is too strict then it usually fails and that can produce more damage than good. That’s why you need to have a cheat meal day, so we give our brain what it wants and satisfy our cravings. Even sexy Bella needs some chocolate or a lovely slice of pizza sometimes! And when you haven’t had junk food for 6 days, it tastes SO much better on the Sunday, hehe. The taste is 1,000 times better than having it every day and getting bored.


How do I look?

I’m very happy with how I look now. It has been two years of working hard and sticking to my diet (apart from on naughty Sundays, hehe), but I feel great about myself and my body now. And I feel even better on the inside too – having a healthy mind is just as important for me 🙂

So, what do you think? Has my hard work paid off? If you’ve got any gym tips or healthy eating ideas, please do tell me – I am always pleased to learn more or if you ever want my advice do not hesitate to ask me.