Financial Domination (findom) and Financial Domination Roleplay: There Is a Difference

Financial Domination

Financial domination is a state of mind not only for the submissive male but for the dominant female as well (a finsub is almost always male, I personally have never heard of a female finsub) and many people including many new Dommes don’t always seem to understand this.
Now to make the process harder many submissives don’t even know really what they are. I get numerous requests from supposedly financial submissives that are in fact no such thing as what they are really looking for is findom roleplay which is a different thing entirely. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with it as I do Skype shows with that premise daily but call it what it is. Do you enjoy and become aroused by the idea of giving your money over to a woman for no other gain than the thought of her enjoying and spending it? Are you happy with little to no contact or interaction with her? If so you are a financial submissive. Do you instead love to talk about it and hear that you are going to be drained, that you’re a loser, paypig, a human atm, etc but only for a limited time and with something from your Mistress rather than be a show, a phone call or something else? Then what you are after is roleplay.

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Just because a submissive enjoys being dominated monetarily it does not always mean that he wants to be called names or abused. In my personal experience though of course, other Dommes might be different roleplayers seem to prefer to be humiliated verbally in much greater number than the real thing. If he doesn’t refer to himself in that matter then you shouldn’t either. Finsub does NOT always equal paypig as a man could truly want to spend on you, even large amounts but have no desire to be humiliated or if he does the knowledge that he is emptying his wallet to someone who has no desire for anything else from him other than his money is humiliation enough. In fact, sometimes those are the best kind of sub as they are most definitely not losers in day to day life and as someone successful is really in the position to spoil you as you deserve.

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Paypigs, slaves, and men

Know what you are looking for before contacting your Goddess. Don’t waste her time by telling her that you live to serve if you really are just looking for a fun show and then plan to go about your business. It’s fine to just enjoy the fantasy but don’t pretend it’s other than just that. Regardless though tribute is expected and required. Trying to get roleplay for free will just irritate her and frustrate you as you most certainly won’t get the results you are looking for. Unless of course what you want is to be blocked in which case that’s going to work great for you.

Miss Bella - SensualBellaX - Financial Domination (findom) and Financial Domination Roleplay: There Is a Difference

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  1. Long term pay pig. Served alot online now really interested in being a permanent pig for a mistress. Read your website and would love to serve. Yours piggy xx

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