Hard work, keto and a beautiful toned butt!

Hello there, sweethearts. Some of you may have noticed that my already beautiful body is getting even more toned now (and bless you, if you did notice). Well, I’m going to tell you my secret…this toned body is down to hard work, as I work out almost every day 😉

Toning up my butt

I have a butt exercise programme that I have started following and I’ve been very focused on tightening up my ass and making it even more beautiful for you all. I know from your comments how much you all love my butt, so I’m doing my best to make it look magical.My goal isn’t to lose weight – my goal is to get a super sexy butt and lose just a little tiny bit of weight all over. I’m not in a calorie deficit where I’m starving myself – I have just moved to a new diet which will help me meet my fitness goals.
Keto Diet Butt ABS Workout - Miss Bella - SensualBellax

The keto diet

I have started doing the Ketogenic diet (or keto for short) and using MyFitnessPal to track what I eat, the impact the food has and keeping my macros in check. 

You eat no carbs, or practically no carbs. Just 15-30g of carbohydrates per day, maximum. You can get that 30g just from seeds and pulses as part of the diet. You can’t get rid of carbs completely, I know that, but you can aim to cut them out as much as possible.

I’m very much enjoying the keto diet so far. I will never eat carbs again, or at least I won’t eat carbs like I did before. My aim will be to stick to a low-carb diet now – maybe 50-80g of carbs per day, will be my goal. And, as you know, I am VERY determined!

Sexy in bed Keto Diet - Miss Bella - SensualBellaX

Carbs are mostly man-made, which is why they are so bad for us. They are processed and refined, which takes out all the fibre and roughage. The sugars you get from the carbs that our body doesn’t process can be very bad for us. Pasta, bread and white rice are all bad for us. If you can avoid these food groups, you will certainly be safer and healthier in life.

For my dinner today I had a grilled steak (a dry-aged rib-eye steak), along with grilled vegetables, Greek low-fat yoghurt and seeds sprinkled over the top. Oh, and some halloumi cheese too. And it was delicious! So tasty, and healthy too.

Miss Bella in leggings Keto Diet - SensualBellaX

A healthier way to live

I must eat only 1,200 calories per day at present, on the keto diet, but it’s easy to get those calories by eating the right foods. You still feel full and it has many other benefits.

My body is more toned (take a look at these smokin’ hot pics and you will see), I have less body fat in the wrong places, I have more energy – and it’s constant energy with no fluctuations. That’s good for my workouts, so I have the best energy and can do lots of exercise without getting tired out. And I sleep instantly, as soon as my head hits the pillow. 

Cutting out carbs can also help if you have food intolerances, or if you are diabetic too. Some people have cured their diabetes entirely by changing their diet, cutting out carbs and reducing their sugar levels in the body. Amazing, right?

It has also put me off having ‘cheat days’. I ate a pizza recently and it felt like I had poisoned myself afterwards. I felt bloated, I couldn’t sleep and I really felt like crap. All from one pizza and those bad carbs. Never again.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about carbs. The big food and drink companies rule the world and they want you to eat sugar and carbs – that’s what they sell. They make sure that governments keep their eyes closed to the bad things that a poor diet does to our bodies. But having found out about keto, I’m not going back to carbs.

Looking bootilicious!

So, now you know my secret – my butt is this beautiful because of exercise, a healthy diet and a lot of determination. And I’m VERY pleased with the results. 

What do you think? Is my ass looking even more delicious and tight, do you think? Leave me your feedback in comments and tell me how it’s looking – or if you’ve tried the keto diet too.

Keto Diet Butt Workout - Miss Bella - SensualBellaX

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  1. Sounds like you are doing your homewrok on this, and making the right decisions.

    I absolutely agree with you there:

    Your shapely behind is one of your sexiest aspects… which gives us a lovely feeling, even if you are NOT looking us in the eye 🙂

    Of course, I would need some more photos to cement my judgement 😛



  2. I’ve always considered exercise essential. And your pics are the proof that with constancy and determination someone can always improve.

    I loved your trained body in your shows! I need a few reps! 😀


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