It’s Kama Sutra time!

It’s Kama Sutra time! How to give your woman pleasure

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know how interested I am in sex, human sexuality and the world of sexual pleasure. And what better introduction is there than the Kama Sutra, right?
In the West, we think of the Kama Sutra as something like a ‘sex Bible’, but this Indian script is in fact a book dedicated to the pleasure of women, rather than the performance of different sexual
positions. Interested to know more? I bet you are…

A guide to bringing women pleasure

So, the Kama Sutra is all about bringing pleasure to your woman, and that’s a philosophy that I have a lot of time for. For me, men should always focus on bringing their partner the highest pleasure they can, so this is my kind of idealogy. Here are some considerations to support this idea:

1 – The author, the Indian philosopher Vatsyayana, considers it essential that the girl has a deep education around her own pleasure. And this millennial feminist blogger thesis was born in Sanskrit in the 3rd century BC, which is pretty damn crazy!

2 – In addition to being the first to say openly that sex is to be done for pleasure and not just for
reproduction, he goes even further by saying that if a woman is not satisfied with her husband, she should simply leave him? ♀ . Now that’s what you call empowerment!

3 – Yes, size counts, both for men and women: no hypocrisy. The reality of the matter is that if you’re on the small side and do the lotus flower position, you both enjoy it more than doing the
wheelbarrow! So, it’s about finding out what works best for you, your partner and your pleasure.

4 – Kissing is the first form of sex: in the Kamasutra, numerous ways of kissing are indicated, such as the nominal (molded) kiss, the palpitating, touching, direct, inclined, pressed and so on. Kissing,
according to the Kamasutra, is a way to take possession of each other’s lips and should be explored with kissing every part of the body…and, let’s be honest, there are so many smooth, enticing places to kiss on our bodies. I certainly LOVE to be kissed from my head down to my pretty toes.

5 – It’s nice to kiss, but do you want to scratch too? According to the Kamasutra, it’s the woman’s role to do the scratching, and she can do it in eight different ways: circles, lines, tiger paw, crescent, hare jump, lotus jump and peacock paw. He can bite at most (and I’m open to a little neck biting). I’m always keen to scratch my nails down a partner’s back and make them groan with the pleasure of this. So, experiment with it and good luck with finding the best form of scratching for you and your partner.

6 – I recommend reciprocity, says Vatsyayana: “Whatever one lover does to the other, these must return it. If the woman kisses the man, the man must kiss her in turn; if she beats him, he must also beat her. Here, maybe without mentioning it, make sure your actions are symmetrical ⚖ and
harmonious, this generates more love”. This is the goal of the Kamasutra: to generate more love and harmony in the couple, and for there to be true balance between your actions and pleasure.

The ultimate Kama Sutra position

We now know that pleasure is the ultimate goal of the Kama Sutre. But what is the ultimate Kama Sutra position? Can you guess? The most infamous and erotic position has been talked about for centuries, and her charm has never waned over the years. It’s such an exciting position that only highly trained champions have the
stamina and skill to make it last for a long time. In every erotic fantasy you will find someone who craves to try it…

Yes, it’s the ‘doggy style’ position! Driven by our desire, crazy hormones and the need to feel the closeness of doggy-style penetration, we all love this hot and sensual position.
The name ‘doggy style’ obviously recalls the position of the animal, even if bending the woman by ninety degrees to make the definition fit the name might be tricky for some, hehe… Hardcore sex
movies have earned a fortune by investing in this iconic Kamasutra position, idolized perhaps due to men’s love of the round, curvy female backside – and you definitely get an amazing view of your partner’s ass when thrusting in deep and gazing at their tight, sexy butt.

Any doubts or questions? 

Call me and I’ll show you how to make a woman enjoy herself!

2 Responses

  1. Abolutely agree on what you say about the Karma Sutra and the lections we can learn from it. Yet I think the ancient master leaves out an important step before entering even the “Kissing Phase”.

    Get your partner excited, in the mood, wisper some little messages in passing, or these days, build up the plateaus of araousal by step by step sending messages, maybe while she is at work, send a picture of the bedroom full of candles lit, of flowers, or even a little video, add music.. Endless possibilties.

    When you are eye to eye, you both will already have reached a level of excitement and arousal, the finish of your journey that night will be a LOT more intense.

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