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This is the kind of erotic content women REALLY love

When you’re in a sexy mood and on your own, it’s understandable that you might search online for something erotic to watch and satisfy your urges. But I find that many guys misunderstand the kind of content that an adventurous and passionate woman like myself might look for when I’m feeling hot and horny.

Unlike some guys, girls like me don’t want to dive into a sea of hardcore porn and thrusting penetration. We prefer to take it slow, use our imagination and explore a world of sensual passion and fantasy. And this is what I want to tell you about in this post – the kind of erotic content that women REALLY love, not the kind we’re expected to like.

A touch of romance

So, if I’m in the mood for something erotic (and believe me, it happens a lot), what is the first thing I’d think of searching for? What is my go-to erotic content?

If I’m home alone and feeling horny then I’ll look online for a video where there are a lot of
romantic touches and sensuality. For me, that’s what’s really sexy. It’s the romance, the kissing,
the close embraces and lots of very sensual touching, not showing the really intense hardcore stuff that you see in a lot of porn.

In my opinion, it’s far more erotic to show less in the video, and not to show the actual penetration and closeups of genitals etc. With a romantic, erotic video, I like that my mind thinks about the rest and fills in the gaps. As I watch, I can let my mind wander and really start to lose myself in my imagination.

Romance is very important to me personally, if I’m feeling aroused. I love sex and passion, but I need that time for my imagination to blossom and my mind to get as aroused as my body. I need the erotic and sexy content to be seen in context, not just as the simple act of penetration.

Making it sexy and sensual

So, when I want to feel hot and horny, I will always look for an erotic video – something
well-made, sexy and supersensual, not hardcore porn.

Hardcore is too graphic. It doesn’t give my mind anything to think about and it’s too explicit for my taste. Once you see a hard cock penetrating a pussy, there is nothing left to the journey. It’s like someone putting your tasty dinner straight in your mouth with no warning, rather than smelling the delicious smells from the kitchen and anticipating your lovely meal.

When I create my own sexy content, this philosophy is always in my mind – to make images and videos that show a little, but not everything. To titillate and tease you, rather than showing everything I have to offer.

Photos work too sometimes. I might see on Twitter a sexy pic of two people kissing, half naked or semi nude and that’s enough to get me started, haha. And my followers tell me that my pics have the same effect for them. They see an image of me posing in my lingerie, their imagination takes the next step and brain and body go into horny mode.
I try to offer the same thing that I crave for when I look for a porn video. I offer that sensual experience to my followers and bring you things that are sexy and erotic but never hardcore or cheap. That’s not who I am.

Tailoring the experience to you

I like to talk with my clients and have a good relationship with them, understanding each other
and making it more of a personal experience rather than two strangers on cam.

This adds so much to the cam experience. It’s tailored to each client, their needs, your needs
and what works in the moment. For me, I would rather have less clients but only have quality

People where we enjoy seeing each other, where each experience puts a smile on your
face and leaves you feeling satisfied and happy.

Sharing our desires together

A lot of people message me to ask what they can expect from my cam shows and videos, so
this is how I would describe the experience.

When you take a show with me, you get a slow, sensual and sexy experience, where our imaginations can run wild. You get a good relationship with an open-minded, passionate girl,
and it’s a tailored experience based on your desires and needs.

And, most importantly, it’s always about that romantic, sensual idea, not a hardcore show. It’s
me and you connecting and sharing our fantasies and desires – and I always leave you with a smile on your face.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about what I find erotic and sexy. We are all different, I know, so leave me a comment and tell me what you think about romance and sensuality in a hot video.

I’d love to know what fires you up and makes you horny too!

Leave me a comment below. Bella x x

The content that I love​

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