The Last of Us

The Last of Us - Part 2:
A step forward in gaming storytelling 

There are few works of creativity that achieve absolute excellence, and all those that do have achieved this status thanks to the overcoming of standards that have crumbled under the weight of the years. 

After the release of ‘The Last of Us – Part 2’ it will be very difficult, for the whole industry, to try to measure up to a title that takes the medium a whole step forward, that erases all the timid attempts to propose avant-garde narratives, that draws a clear line beyond which no one had ever gone before.  

The ‘Last of Us – Part 2’ makes tremendously unpopular choices, making it almost impossible to experience the game without coming out of it with a distraught soul; it builds a story of extreme and incurable pain, with scenes capable of shattering your interiority and transmitting a patchwork of sensations that only trauma and deep bewilderment are able to convey.  

A giant step forward in gaming

The Last of Us: Part 2 is first of all a video game, but a game for those who decide to exploit their interactive nature to deal with important discussions, and perhaps even uncomfortable topics. But, more than ever, it deals with the current pressing themes of 2020. 

Themes such as diversity and racism, sexual orientations and religious cults, politics and fanaticism emerge strongly in an epic that, after dozens and dozens of hours spent between familiar locations and who knows what other places, succeeds in the difficult task of being more stimulating and emotionally involving than ever before. 

The game destroys all certainties and shows a courage probably not so common in a genre that’s still as relatively young as that of video games, suddenly breaking the ground under your feet, severing ties and creating new and unexpected ones. 

It’s exciting, challenging and, unbelievably, can even make you cry. 

A truly meaningful story

‘The Last of Us: Part 2’ starts like this, telling an incredibly meaningful story if taken individually, but at the same time it’s able to embellish with extreme consistency the story of the first episode. 

Through nuances, memories and thoughts stored in a diary, Naughty Dog wants to immerse us in the role of an Ellie forged by pain, to make us feel her suffering on our skin and increase the empathy towards a character who’s been deeply shaken and hardened by the continuous vicissitudes faced in her most difficult journey. And the story doesn’t fail to reflect on several occasions on how what previously seemed obvious can suddenly fail, how relationships, situations and dynamics that did not seem enough, were not actually so bad. 

The American team achieves this with a powerful staging and a multi-faceted narrative, whose aim is to give the players different interpretations depending on their sensitivity to the themes that are tackled. 

Will it make them argue? Absolutely, yes. Will it be able to excite? You bet he will.

If you’re enjoying ‘The Last of Us – Part 2’ as well, 

I’d love to hear your experiences of the game. 

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